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VUARNET Air Sunglasses


For his new collection, Vuarnet worked with the Tara Ocean Foundation, a specialist in studying the impact of microplastics on the ecosystem. From this collaboration was born the Vuarnet Air collection, glasses that combine «an eco-responsible design from natural and recycled materials, a singular design and high technical performance to explore nature in all conditions».

At the frame and screen level, it is therefore bio-sourced nylon (Rilsan Clear G820 Rnew) made from castor seeds. The glasses are 100% mineral, natural and recyclable. The case and cord are made of recycled neoprene from plastic bottles. Finally, the packaging is made of recycled cardboard and labelled.

As for the design, the collection is characterized by racy lines, pronounced bevels, signature with the capital V integrated with ergonomic branches.

Finally, among the technical performances promised by the manufacturer, we note: high protection lenses UV, blue light and infra-red rays, high-definition vision of mineral glass and increased resistance to impacts and scratches.

Vuarnet Air marks a turning point in the history of the French brand that promises that this progress in terms of materials will gradually be found on all of its sports glasses collections.

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