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DVDs (French only) – “Tara, l’odyssée du corail” and “Tara, l’archipel des rois”


Technical information
French only (no English subtitles from now)
Duration: 51 min and 50 min
Year: 2017
Author & Director: Pierre de Parscau

Production: the cup of tea, the Tara Ocean Foundation and the CNRS Images, with the participation of France Télévisions and the CNC, with the voice of Jacques Gamblin

Tara, l’Odyssée du Corail

The mythical schooner Tara embarks on a new expedition: to study the coral of the Pacific Ocean, this mysterious animal whose life has never been so threatened. A mission that begins in Polynesia and that, from the reefs of Moorea to the Tuamotu atolls, puts sailors and scientists in contact with island populations directly affected by the disappearance of coral.

Through this human and scientific adventure through which Tara revives the spirit of the great explorers of the past and renews the tradition of voyages of knowledge of the world.

Tara, L’Archipel des Rois

Dive into a scientific adventure in the heart of the unique biodiversity of the Wallis and Futuna archipelago, with Tara Pacific’s new documentary, “Tara, the Archipelago of the Kings”.

After having explored the corals of French Polynesia and the South Pacific, the scientific crew on board the schooner will begin an unprecedented investigation of an archipelago whose fauna and flora are still unknown. A striking encounter between island communities and a newly discovered treasure.

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